Hellenic Political Science Association: Research Network for the Analysis of Political Discourse

The research network for the Analysis of Political Discourse aims at: (a) the advancement of scientific debate around the concept of discourse and related interdisciplinary theorisations; (b)  the encouragement of all systematic analyses of discourse articulated by political actors (parties, movements, media, etc.) as they engage in antagonistic or consensual relations.

In particular, the network purports to develop channels of communication and strengthen partnerships between researchers utilizing discourse-analytic tools within Greece and abroad. It seeks to facilitate the use of discursive theoretical schemas and conceptual categories in the in-depth study of Greek politics and, simultaneously, to increase the participation of Greek students, graduates and researchers in the ongoing international debate around discourse theory and analysis.

These aims are pursued through the development of partnerships between different university and research units, the organization of lectures and workshops, the exchange of information regarding research resources, publications by members of the network or relevant conferences, the creation of a Working Papers series, and the organization of thematic panels in the annual meetings of the Hellenic Political Science Association. The creation of an electronic membership list and of this site also constitute integral parts of this strategy. Such networking will also allow the collective shaping of future activities.